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Hi Everyone!

I am so honoured and grateful to be featured on the Daily Deviation page! It means so much to me to be featured alongside so many wonderful artists. 

I wanted to write a journal about my process around creating this editorial. The whole idea came from Marilyn Monroe. I absolutely love her. My friend Jill has a resemblance towards her but people constantly use her for Marilyn type shoots so I want to do something different. I have Marilyn pictures all over my room, I love her that much. I have a room divider with polaroids taken of her but before she became Marilyn Monroe, this was when she was Norma Jean and the world didn't know who Marilyn Monroe was. The portraits are simple, her laughing, smiling, the wind blowing in her hair etc. I wanted to capture something soft and innocent like those photos captured. I wanted a simple outfit, something casual that would contribute to the soft feeling I was aiming to capture. Jill and I went over to the park not far from my house when the sun started to set. I grabbed some flowers for her and started shooting away. Jill is a natural so I knew when shooting this that it would become a favourite editorial of mine. 

For a few months now I had been struggling with my photography, I was getting tired of my editing and wanted to try something different. A few nights ago I had the urge to edit. I watched YouTube videos for hours, downloaded a few new actions and just started editing away. This photo was the second one I edited that night. When I looked back at the comparison of the old edit to the new I felt accomplished and proud. 

When I got the email about being featured as a Daily Deviation I was speechless. It means the world to me. I can't wait to keep creating and growing as a photographer. Thank you all so so much for the love! 

Until next time,

Lisa-Marie xo